What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced 'ray-key', is a system of energy healing originating from Japan. The word Reiki itself translates to 'universal life energy' and is based on the belief that life energy flows through all living things. When this energy becomes disrupted or blocked, it is believed that stress and disease follow.

Reiki practitioners use universal life energy, which they have been attuned to, to promote natural healing.

Reiki works on the premise that 'life force energy' flows through all of us. If this energy becomes unbalanced, low or stuck, it is believed that we are more likely to become stressed and unwell.

Using hands, Reiki practitioners use this energy to help balance clients' energy. The nature of Reiki is holistic, meaning that it addresses the body, mind and spirit. While Reiki is considered spiritual, it is not a religion. There is nothing specific you need to believe in, in order to benefit from Reiki healing.

This method of energy healing promotes relaxation and well-being. Its aim is to help reduce stress and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities

Reiki with Hypnosis

I practice a form of Reiki called Jikiden Reiki. It is a hands-on energy healing technique that can be used to treat a range of physical and psychological ailments. Reiki is extremely relaxing and I combine it with hypnosis for those who find it especially difficult to relax (for instance if you struggle to 'switch off') or suffering from chronic anxiety and stress. The combination of Reiki and Hypnosis produces a unique effect of  profound inner calm which often lasts long after the session is over.