I have moved from extreme anxiety and fear of flying to a few seconds of sweaty palms. I was very calm, relaxed, and had no fear on the flight going or the return flight.

Thank you very much

"Heather’s approach to my particular need was sympathetic, on occasions challenging, but always appropriate and clear.

I spoke to Heather about hypnotherapy because of my fear of flying. She was exceptionally professional and communicated well what hypnotherapy entailed and that at all sessions I was in charge. This felt very encouraging and positive for me. Over time I was able to identify the reasons, and triggers, for my anxiety. We worked on these together and what I really appreciated was that Heather encouraged me to accept them as realities and not my imagination! By the time it was time to take my flight I had techniques I could use to keep me calm, I had the confidence to recognise when I was getting anxious and the ability to envisage myself on the flight knowing that I would be safe (all things being equal!).

Thank you Heather. I am already planning this year’s trip!"

"I didn't think it was possible to be guided into deep relaxation; I first discovered this sort of thing about a year ago when I started Yoga and cried with joy during the last 10 minutes. Heather brought me to that beautiful feeling while guiding me on a tour of my favourite places, feelings and experiences. It was so good, my registration form is complete, in the post and I aim to check in every fortnight for a rejuvenating session with a great hypnotherapist- thanks Heather, see you soon."

I had a lovely deep relaxation during my hypnotherapy session with Heather. Her voice was so soothing and helped me to relax quickly. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in this approach.

Heather is a lovely lady, after one of Heathers sessions you come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.

She has such a lovely calming mannerism would highly recommend